Video of Chimp with AK 47 Firing at Soldiers – Facts

Picture: Video of Chimp with AK 47 Firing at Soldiers
Video of Chimp with AK 47 Firing at Soldiers


Video shows African soldiers giving Monkey a loaded gun … AK-47, the Chimp monkey shoots at soldiers and they run away.


This is a popular video featuring a Chimp monkey using an AK-47 gun to shoot at a group of off-duty African soldiers who were taunting it. The soldiers initially laugh and fool around while handing the gun to the ape – but then, the animal starts shooting at them, and the frightened group of soldiers get away quickly. In the end, the ape finally holds the AK-47 aloft in triumph. Although many people believed that this video could be real, that is not the case here.

Picture: Video of Chimp with AK 47 Firing at Soldiers
Video of Chimp with AK 47 Firing at Soldiers

The source of this footage, as can be seen in the below video, is a part of a video from the YouTube channel of ‘Apes Will Rise’. The original video was published on 6 Jul 2011, with a title ‘Ape With AK-47’, but also had a description to it which told the real story behind it – “In theaters now! Purchase tickets online @

The footage is not real; the video was actually created to build hype for the concept of the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes“. The movie made into theaters on 5 August 2011 and had the storyline saying monkeys can rebel and use the advanced weapons we humans have developed against us. The video showing Chimp with AK-47 was in fact a part of viral ad campaign for promoting the film. To make the video appear real, it was shot as a documentary footage. There were also few other videos showing weapon-wielding apes, like this video clip showing a chimp hacking a carcass to bits with a machete (heavy knife used as weapon).

Therefore, the video of Chimp firing at the African soldiers with an AK-47 gun is a hoax. The footage is staged, and the Chimp is trained as an ‘actor’. However, it is a fact that Chimps can be trained to use a diverse armory of weapons.

Hoax or Fact:



Planet of the Apes: Can Chimps Really Shoot Guns?

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