‘Shut Down Your Yahoo’ Email Phishing Scam

Picture about ‘Shut Down Your Yahoo’ Email Phishing Scam
‘Shut Down Your Yahoo’ Email Phishing Scam


Yahoo Secure Mail.

Dear [email address],

You Recently Initiated an Action on your Yahoo account to Shut down your Yahoo, Did you initiate this Action? If No, Kindly Cancel Request below by clicking the Cancel Request icon below log on to your account and your account will be automatically restored to it’s normal Yahoo! settings. This will enable you enjoy better Yahoo Mail Service.

[Cancel Request]

Thanks for choosing Yahoo.


An email in certain forms received by Yahoo users appears to be coming from the Yahoo service provider and mentions that the recipient or some other person has recently initiated a shut-down of Yahoo account. The email says that if you did not do it, you must cancel the shut down request by clicking a “Cancel Request” button link that comes within the email. Do not click through the link, for the email message is a hoax and a Phishing Scam.

The users who believed in the email and went on to click the “Cancel Request” button link that comes within the message were taken to a website mimicking Yahoo login web page, and tricked into giving away their email address and account password in the name of signing in to account to cancel the shut down request. The email is not coming from official Yahoo service, it’s a phishing scam designed to steal your login credentials which can be used to scam and spam others.

Screenshot of Scam Yahoo Login page
Screenshot of Scam Yahoo Login page
Picture of ‘Shut Down Your Yahoo’ Email Phishing Scam
‘Shut Down Your Yahoo’ Email Phishing Scam

Note that such phishing scam emails in the name of Yahoo also come with other claims like your account has some security issues and you have to click a link to login and authenticate, or your account has been blacklisted and you have to Remove Blacklist, or that your email account has exceeded its limit and needs to be verified and updated before your account be suspended.

So one should be careful with such emails that ask you to click an accompanying link, especially when you did not initiate the actions mentioned in the message. If you receive such phishing scam emails or spam you can report them to Yahoo.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Phishing Scam.

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