Steve Jobs Charitable Foundation Emails – Facts Analysis

Picture about Steve Jobs Charitable Foundation Emails
Steve Jobs Charitable Foundation Emails


Several emails were circulating following the death of Steve Jobs, claiming that they are from Steve Jobs charitable foundation, and would like you to be a part of it, requesting donations.



Scammers and other fraudulent people online have always been using such occasions for misleading people online and take unfair advantage of the situation.

They often request for donations and cheat people. They also seek to promoting their personal websites in the name of contests, prizes and give-aways.

The emails in this particular case are simply a scam to deceive people in the name of Steve Jobs charitable foundation. Also, there were several malicious emails spreading online to hack people’s personal information. Therefore, any such suspicious emails should be discarded and should not be entertained.

Hoax or Fact:



Scam Email
Steve Jobs doesn’t have charitable foundation


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