The Mysterious Panda Dog, Newest Rage in China

Picture about The Mysterious Panda Dog, Newest Rage in China
The Mysterious Panda Dog, Newest Rage in China


Panda Dog is the newest rage in China. It is a new ‘hybrid species’.

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Panda Dog – New Species of Hybrid Panda/Dog found in Japan and China! Get this new designer dog while they’re HOT!!

The Mysterious Panda Dog, Newest Rage in China


These pictures shared heavily online claim to show ‘Panda Dog,’ a new species cross bred from a panda and a dog. On the contrary, some people thought the pictures may be the photoshop creation of some bored person to pull our legs. Fact of the matter is, the weird, but super cute Panda Dog is not a new breed, they are regular dogs, mostly the chow chows breed that are dyed to look like pandas! But yes, the Panda Dog is the newest craze in China.

Picture of Panda Dog
Panda Dog

China’s Hot Pet Trend

The unique and rare bear-like dogs became a panda-monium in pet stores across China. Hsin Ch’en, who owns a pet shop in southwest China’s Sichuan province, told photo agency Central European News that he cannot keep up with the demand for the chow chows that are dyed to resemble pandas. Ch’en said that he came up with the style himself, “I perfected the technique here and now it is spreading across the country. With a bit of careful grooming and coloring it is easy to turn a chow into a panda dog in about two hours. Then the look will stay with the dog for around six weeks and the owners bring them back for some touching up.”

Picture of Panda Dog
Panda Dog

Somewhat Controversial

Although Ch’en says there are no chemicals or cruelty involved in the dyeing process of dogs, it is unclear what his technique actually is. There are concerns it can undermine their health and safety because of the toxic chemicals in the dye. As mentioned in, Hair dye, which is actually intended for human consumption, may not be completely safe for animals. Also because there’ve been no studies to show if there are any long terms effects.

Not New Idea

The idea of dyeing a dog to look like a panda is not new. As listed in in 2005, a beautician Kensuke Hirakawa rescued an abandoned Japanese pup Columbo that had eye infections. To disguise it, he applied special fur dye to make it…Panda Dog! The video shown above gives a glimpse of the cute panda dog.

Screenshot of related article
Screenshot of related article

Hoax or Fact:

Partially fact.


Panda Dogs Are The New Regular Dogs (PHOTOS)
Dogs that look like pandas become this year’s hottest pet in China


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