Hoax or Fact is a sincere attempt from us to spread knowledge and wisdom. We work honestly to bring out the truths and facts behind all kinds of online rumors and hoax messages. We, at Hoax or Fact, research and analyze about various online issues in depth, so as to put a check on all kinds of online spammers, thus preventing their unfair motives. We thrive to encourage healthy wisdom.

Our main goal is to educate the internet users by exposing all kinds of scams, viruses, deceptions, misconceptions, mis-beliefs, and unfair hoaxes and rumors. This way, we educate, alert, and save the internet users from unwanted dangers and frauds online.

We also provide necessary safety measures and tips to avoid any kind of damage from these online hoax messages. So, we request you to be a part of our mission to stop online fraud. And if you have anything to say or share, please feel free to contact us with your valuable suggestions.

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