Playing Badminton Alone With the Wind, Video: Fact Check

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Playing Badminton Alone With the Wind, Video


Boy Playing Badminton with the Wind – Unexplained video!

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Playing badminton alone against windy weather

Fact Check:

A video became viral online appearing to show a boy playing badminton alone with the wind with no one else on the other side. Similar videos surfaced online claiming to show single person playing badminton against windy weather. While many viewers believed it is possible in breezy weather, some suggested the video is not real and made using CGI. The videos are real, but they are using a fixed badminton training set explained here.

Playing Badminton Alone with Wind, Video Explained

The video in question became viral online around April 2019 before many such surfaced keeping viewers guessed whether or not it is possible. At the time, we thought some kind of trick was involved to achieve it. Hoax fighter and fact finder Hoax Eye also expressed similar views on Twitter. Later we came to know it is nothing but a single player badminton training set.

In the video(s), the equipment is placed behind the player and not visible – making viewers wonder how it is possible. A string is attached to the shuttlecock or badminton ball, so that it can bounce back when being hit. One can fix the single player badminton training set up and play alone in backyard area or even on street.

On the other hand, one can also hang the shuttlecock (birdie) to the ceiling using a fishing line. You can watch the same in the demo videos. When hit, the badminton ball or shuttlecock (birdie) will rebound automatically without the need of an opponent on the other side.

So, as such the single persons in the videos are not playing badminton alone with the wind pressure. The videos are neither CGI creations. They are possible with single player badminton training sets, usually placed behind them and not visible in the videos shot.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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Prashanth Damarla