Ambanis Party Without COVID-19 Mask, Social Distancing: Fact Check

Image about Ambanis Party Without COVID-19 Mask, Social Distancing
Ambanis Party Without COVID-19 Mask, Social Distancing


Ambanis Party Without Mask and Social Distancing..!

You people will not understand that COVID-19 is on now, seeing the young brigade of Ambanis. You will think this is an old video. But this is absolutely recent and fresh video. This is a party without mask.

Other Versions

Celebrations at Mukeshbhai Ambani’s abode to welcome his grandson
So, now it’s patently clear that Covid doesn’t attack the rich & glamorous!! Our dear Covid Ambassador AB also present at the scene with no mask
The curfew, covid and vaccines are only for common people

आप लोगो को लगेगा ही नहीं के अभी कोरॉना चल रहा है जैसे ये अंबानी की बच्चा पार्टी आपको लगेगा ये पुराना वीडियो है लेकिन ये बिलकुल ताजा वीडियो है बिना मास्क वाली पार्टी

Ek ne bhi mask nahi pahna including big B
No distancing
Rare video

Fact Check:

A video is doing rounds on social media alleging to show Ambanis Party without COVID-19 Mask and Social Distancing. The video shows celebrities from Bollywood and Indian politics meeting and greeting them closely, hugging each other. Accompanying messages claim the video shows celebrations at Mukeshbhai Ambani’s abode to welcome his grandson. No, the claims as such are not true – the video is an old one.

Not the Video about Ambanis Party without Mask & Social Distancing

The video in question shows prominent personalities in India like Bachchans, Aamir Khan and Uddhav Thackeray meeting Ambanis. Accompanying messages claim Mukesh Ambani hosted the party to welcome his Grandson, violating COVID-19 rules. The story gained significance amidst a new strain of COVID-19 found in the United Kingdom and concerns thereafter in other parts of world, including India. However, the video you see is an old one from early September 2019 when Ambanis family celebrated Ganesh Utsav at their residence in Mumbai in a grand manner. At the time, many big personalities from Bollywood, politics and sports attended their celebration.

Reliance Chairperson Mukesh Ambani became a grandfather on 10th December 2020 after a son was born to his eldest son Akash Ambani. Unlike the claims, they did not organize any large scale celebration to welcome him.

On the other hand, amidst second wave of COVID-19 virus spread, there are fears about same in India also. It is more so after another variant of Coronavirus spread rapidly in United Kingdom. So, we remind everyone the necessity of wearing masks, sanitizing and maintaining social distance. This will not only protect you from the pandemic, but also save your near and dear ones from getting infected with the deadly virus.

Hoax or Fact:


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