DMart 20th Anniversary Celebration Free Gifts: Scam

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DMart 20th Anniversary Celebration Free Gifts


DMart 20th anniversary celebration Free gifts, Good luck!

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TAJ Hotel sent gift cards to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Fact Check:

Various messages doing rounds on WhatsApp claim DMart is celebrating 20th anniversary and offering free gifts to customers. No, do not get carried away – the messages are part of a scam explained here.

Not DMart Anniversary Free Gifts

WhatsApp users in India are receiving the messages saying supermarket chain DMart is celebrating its 20th anniversary and giving free gift cards to its customers. The messages accompany a coupon link to a website directing WhatsApp users to a fraudulent website, where they have to spin a wheel to win a gift. The website poses as genuine one saying only one gift per IP address is allowed. Once users spin the wheel, they are asked to share the message with other WhatsApp users to claim the prize. Remember, this style of scam on WhatsApp asking users to spin a wheel to get free gifts is not new.

The message circulating on WhatsApp is part of a scam. DMart was founded in the year 2002 and will turn 20 in 2022. DMart also issued a notice on their website about the fake and fraudulent method to trick citizens into online scams.

Dear Customers – DMart does not issue any vouchers or coupons through any other website or social media platforms. All our promotions and offers are available only on the Dmart Ready App, our website and our Dmart Stores.

Using Other Brand Names Like Taj Hotels

WhatsApp has become a common ground for fraudsters to prey upon unsuspecting users. Before Valentine days celebrations, similar scams appeared using different brand names like Taj Hotels. On their Twitter page, Taj Hotels also denied the free gifts.

Scammers are in fact fooling innocent WhatsApp users by luring them with free gift cards. Telangana State Police also issued a warning on Twitter page to people to stay away from scammers’ special offers before Valentine’s Day. Sharing these messages with your contacts will also expose them to similar risks and scams.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax and Scam.


Beware! This DMart WhatsApp Message is a Scam

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