Rainfall in Saudi Drops Ice Blocks in Shape of Coronavirus: Fact Check

Image about Rainfall in Saudi Drops Ice Blocks in Shape of Coronavirus
Rainfall in Saudi Drops Ice Blocks in Shape of Coronavirus


Rainfall in Saudi Arabia dropped ice blocks in the shape of Coronavirus as we know it in our world! We always get indications through nature. Allahu Akbar.

Allah has so many ways of proving to us that He is aware of everything!

It is our challenge to realise this in whatever we do.

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Covid-19 ice shaped rainfall at Saudi Arabia

Fact Check:

An interesting video is viral online alleging to show Rainfall in Saudi Arabia dropped Ice Blocks in the shape of Coronavirus. They claim it is an indication of nature or god. What you see in the video is real. However, the phenomenon is not uncommon and not an indication of nature/god.

About the Video of Ice Blocks in Shape of Coronavirus

The video shows a person carrying in hand an ice block in the shape of Coronavirus and moving along a garden full of ice blocks on ground. As he keeps moving forward in what sounds like a noisy weather, the person picks up another, similar ice block from ground. Then another person from the other side comes along and hands over him yet another ice block. The video is real and so is the shape of the ice block appearing similar to the shape of Coronavirus. But again, hail stones fall in various shapes including such.

In May 2017, a Facebook user shared image of a similar, large Hail near Pocahontas Park in Chesterfield, United States. The other picture again shows a similar, large hailstone. The following video shows a powerful hail storm in Australian capital, Canberra bringing down giant hailstones.

Photo by Handout / RACQUEL COLEMAN / AFP

Hail occurs in greater frequency during spring compared to the summer months and results in significant damage to vehicles, homes and other structures. Hailstones in fact form and fall in different shapes as explained in below video.

Coming to the location of the incident in the video, it is unclear where it took place, but there was severe rain and hail in Saudi Arabia in late April 2020. On the other hand, the circulating messages are perhaps trying to convey we humans should take good care of nature to avoid deadly pandemics like Coronavirus.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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