Rare Full Circle Rainbow Brahma Dhanush Seen in Gujarat: Fact Check

Image about Rare Full Circle Rainbow Brahma Dhanush Seen in Gujarat
Rare Full Circle Rainbow Brahma Dhanush Seen in Gujarat


Full Circle Rainbow seen in Gujarat. It is visible once in 100-250 years. It is called Brahma Dhanush. #halo
Breathtaking. Enjoy seeing it..

Other Versions

1. Bhramh dhanus 100 साल के बाद देखा गएा

2. “ब्रम्ह-धनुष्य” ye pura gol hai इंन्द्र-धनुष्य Adha gol rahata hai

Fact Check:

An interesting video viral online purports to show a beautiful Full Circle Rainbow observed in Sky of Gujarat, India. Allegedly, the rare occurrence of full circle rainbow, called Brahma Dhanush in Hindi, is visible only once in 100-250 years. No, the claims are not entirely true – what you see in the video is a Halo, not full circle rainbow called Brahma Dhanush.

Image about Rare Full Circle Rainbow Brahma Dhanush Seen in Gujarat

Origin of Video

The video allegedly showing a full circle rainbow in Gujarat is in wide circulation on social media, WhatsApp and video sharing websites. Accompanying messages say the Brahma Dhanush formation is from July/August 2019. However, we found the video is not a recent one and is as old as mid April 2018. It appeared earlier on YouTube as ‘Rainbow,’ but place of occurrence or details of it are not mentioned.

Halo, Not Full Circle Rainbow

Searching for similar occurrences in past, we found the colorful circle formation over sky is in fact Halo, not Rainbow as described in the messages. While Halo is an atmospheric optical phenomenon involving ice crystals, Rainbows involve water droplets as in rain.

Halo is a natural phenomenon – not quite rare – occurring around Sun or Moon. High, thin cirrus clouds drifting high above your head cause Halos. Tiny ice crystals in Earth’s atmosphere create the halos by refracting and reflecting the light. Halos are more red in color on the inside and more blue on the outside. Lunar halos are mostly colorless because moonlight isn’t very bright. On the other hand, solar halos are more colorful and noticeable.

About Full Circle Rainbow

Rainbows form in sky when Sunlight and raindrops combine. They can also make a whole circle of rainbow light in the sky, but it’s a very rare sight. It occurs only when the atmospheric conditions including water vapor and sunlight are right. Even when it happens, the bottom part of a full circle rainbow is often blocked by your horizon. That is the reason why we see rainbows not as circles, but as arcs across sky.

It is possible to see the whole circle of a rainbow, but sky conditions have to be just right and you have to be up high. Mountain climbers and Airplane Pilots sometimes see full circle rainbows. Video below explains the full circle rainbow phenomenon.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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Prashanth Damarla