Seven Headed Snake Skin Discovered Near Bangalore: Fact Check



Seven Headed Snake Skin discovered near Bangalore. Draws crowd in the Karnataka village!

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7 Headed Snake Skin Discovered in a remote Village of Karnataka


ఏడు తలల పాము.. బెంగళూరులో ఆశ్చర్యపరుస్తున్న కుబుసం!


कर्नाटक के एक गांव में 7 मुंह वाले सांप की खाल दिखाई दी !

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Fact Check:

Certain pictures and a video viral online alleges to show a Seven Headed Snake Skin discovered in a village near Bangalore, drawing crowd and media attention. So, let us examine the whereabouts of the incident and authenticity of the claims.

Discovery of the Alleged Seven Headed Snake Skin

The incident took place in Marigowdana Doddi, a village in Kanakapura city of Karnataka. The villagers stumbled upon a discarded skin which they believe belongs to a ‘seven-headed’ snake. Hundreds of people gathered to the spot to get a glimpse of the ‘seven headed snake’ skin and many also offered kumkum and haldi around it. Some curious villagers even thought they may witness the seven headed snake around the place. The incident became centre of attraction since the morning of 9th October 2019. In Hindu Puranas, Shesha or Sheshanaga is depicted as a goddess in massive form floating in space or ocean, forming a bed for Lord Vishnu to lie on.

Image of Hindu Lord Vishnu resting on Seshanaga
Hindu Lord Vishnu resting on Seshanaga

A villager Prashanth MN explained the backdrop of the incident to Times of India website He said a similar skin was found few months ago when the villagers started to believe the place had special powers. Consequently, they built a temple around the place.  Prashanth also said a temple staffer cleaning the premises found the second skin near the temple, in the field of a villager named Balappa. Since the alleged skin of seven headed snake was discovered near the temple, news of it spread through social media platforms and television channels.

About the Similar Incident Earlier

Earlier in May 2019, the villagers in Ramanagara claimed to have discovered a discarded skin of 7-headed Snake near an ant hill in which a snake lives. The villagers performed pooja to the ‘mythical serpent’ and built a temple around it. The incident gained media attention back then also.

Experts’ Opinion

Firstly, there’s no record of any seven-headed snake anywhere in the world. There are cases of multi-headed snakes, like with two and three heads due to Polycephaly explained in our related article. But such cases are rare and those snakes do not usually survive long in the wild. After villagers claimed to have spotted the skin of a snake with even heads for the second time, snake experts discarded its existence.

Snakes do shed their skin regularly, when the old skin is outgrown. They rub against rough surfaces such as a rock (or between two rocks) or piece of wood and then crawl out of skin gradually. Normally, in case of snakes, the complete outer layer of skin is shed in one layer – similar to a sock turned inside out.

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