Fake Stories from Bushfires Tragedy in Australia

Images about Fake Stories from Bushfires Tragedy in Australia
Fake Stories from Bushfires Tragedy in Australia


Fake Stories Related to Bushfires Tragedy in Australia:

Bushfires in Australia has been a major environmental tragedy killing over 1.25 billion animals in the 2019-2020 season. The extent of damage to nature, animal life and human suffering shook everyone around the world. However, amidst the environmental crisis in Australia, internet space has also witnessed some fake stories regarding the Bushfires.

Facts Analysis:

There are several images and videos describing and showing the enormous damage of Bushfires in Australia. Nonetheless, some of the strong and powerful images and videos are not current from Australia.

NASA Photograph of Devastating Australia

A striking photograph is doing rounds widely on social media alleging to show a NASA shot of the true horror of the bushfires sweeping Australia. Popular singer Rihanna also shared it on Twitter. Thankfully, the frightening image is not any real NASA photograph of the disaster.

The image in fact shows an artist’s 3D visualization of the hotspots in Australia affected by bushfires. The artist Anthony Hearsey also mentions the scale is little exaggerated due to the render’s glow.

A Burning Tiger

Another powerful and popular picture is in circulation alleging to show the sad plight of a Tiger burning in the Bushfires of Australia.

In contrast with the claims, the photograph of the burning tiger is from Indonesia in another unfortunate incident which took place in 2012. In November, officials in Jakarta seized hundreds of the endangered animals, slaughtered by poachers and then stuffed so that buyers can proudly display their senseless kill in their homes.

A Girl Rescues Koala from Fire

A popular picture in circulation appears to show a girl wearing mask and rescuing a Koala through waters from a wall of flames in the background. Consequently, the photograph became the face of asking to help Australia from the Bushfires tragedy.

The photograph is not real – it’s a Photoshop edit art dedicated to all the brave Firefighters trying to save Mother Earth and all her children. The artist thuie shoots family portraits through her Thousandfold Photography. As a matter of fact, the original image is just of her daughter in the water.

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