Scary Video of Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas: Fact Check

Image about Scary Video of Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas
Scary Video of Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas


A view of Hurricane Dorian from the coasts of Florida.

Other Versions

Video of Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas.

Fact Check:

A video in heavy circulation on social media platforms like Twitter purports to show an amazing and scary footage of Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas. Some other versions of it said the view of Hurricane Dorian is from the coasts of Florida. The short footage appears to show a gigantic thunderstorm over skyscrapers. Nonetheless, the Hurricane Dorian video is not real.

Hurricane Dorian was a powerful tropical cyclone that struck the Bahamas between 24th August 2019 and 10th September 2019. It is in fact regarded as the worst natural disaster in the Bahamas’ history. As an illustration, you can see some devastating pictures from the Hurricane Dorian disaster here.

The video in question surfaced online during the Hurricane Dorian disaster. Consequently, it garnered millions of views after some users shared it on Twitter and other platforms.

We have seen the same video and pictures from it also appeared online earlier as Gigantic clouds formation over Miami, Florida.

Not Hurricane Dorian Video

Yes, what you see is not a footage from Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas. In fact, it is not even real. Digital artist Brent Shavnore shared the image of gigantic thunderstorm on his Instagram account earlier in April 2019. Using his images, TheGlitch.og created the animation and then shared the video on their Instagram account in May 2019. Note, the artist posted many such digital art pictures of thunders and storms on Instagram before.

So, the messages claiming the video shows Hurricane Dorian from Bahamas or Florida coast are not true.

Hoax or Fact:


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