Babu Kalayil Prediction: Major Earth Changes Wipe Out Asia Before 31st December 2017

Picture about: Babu Kalayil Prediction, Major Earth Changes Wipe Out Asia Before 31st December 2017
Babu Kalayil Prediction, Major Earth Changes Wipe Out Asia Before 31st December 2017


Tsunami and Earthquake to Wipeout Asia before 31 December 2017, Kerala Man Babu Kalayil Prediction.

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1. Warning!!!
Major Earth Changes
Before December 31st, 2017
Predicted by Indian Scientist

2. A large group of monkeys crossing the road of Medina .. Immigration in large numbers and leaving their homes to escape to another place. Certainly, this behavior has reasons, for their knowledge of God. Perhaps the next few days will give us the answer.Usually, such acts of animal behavior is an indication of heavy rains, earthquakes or volcanoes.

Picture of Large number of Sea Snakes Washed Ashore
Large number of Sea Snakes Washed Ashore

Fact Check:

Various pictures, videos and stories doing rounds heavily on social media sites warn about a Kerala Man Babu Kalayil Predicting major earth changes will wipe out most of the Asian countries. According to the Babu Kalayil prediction, a storm called Seeshma, Tsunami, Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions will occur before 31st December 2017, which will badly impact 11 countries in Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China. The stories also carried certain pictures and videos as alleged proofs of the upcoming danger. The warning messages did create certain panic among readers, but as explained below, they are not true.

Origin of Earthquake Warning

In September 2017, Babu Kalayil, Director of B.K. Research Association for E.S.P (Extra Sensory perception & Earth and space prediction), wrote the following letter to Prime Minister of India Mr.Narendra Modi warning about the Earthquake in the Indian Ocean before 31st December 2017:

Picture: Babu Kalayil Letter of Disaster Warning to Indian Prime Minister
Babu Kalayil Letter of Disaster Warning to Indian Prime Minister

Respected Sir,


In the Indian Ocean there is an earth quake expecting before 31st December 2017. This Vigerous earth quake can be shaked the entire coast of the Asian continental areas. More over this effect will even replaced the boundary of sea shore. This will extent in to Eleven countries named, India, China, Japan, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thyland, Indonesia, Algantstan, Srilanka and will proceed into Gulf countries too.

The possibility to strike the “SHEESHMA” storm during this period which exist for about 120km to 180km with mighty power. Heavy rain harbor waves (Tsunami).

The above observation made on August 20, 2017 with the help of ESP.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Babu Kalayil

Soon started the stories on social media about Babu Kalayil prediction and warning of the alleged major earth changes that can wipe out almost all of Asia. They carried a video showing an unusually large group of Monkeys crossing a highway road, a picture showing a group of Whales washed ashore, and a picture of a large number of ‘Sea Snakes’ washed onto the shore. These predictions of Babu Kalayil and warning messages even sent alarm bells to Pakistan, as they started preparations to deal with the alleged disaster.

Picture: Babu Kalayil, who claims to have ESP powers
Babu Kalayil, who claims to have ESP powers

Truth about the Pictures & Video of Impending Disaster

The picture of whales, in fact, shows a group of Environmental activists in Indonesia trying to refloat ten beached sperm whales in Nov 2017. The authorities suggested that a couple of the whales were sick and others could have followed them and lost way to shore. The other picture shows sea snake-like eels caught by fishermen in the Batticaloa City of Sri Lanka. Following the rumors of impending Tsunami warnings, the Marine Environment Protection Authority explained the incident is a natural occurrence. Referring to the video of Monkeys crossing the highway road, the National Center of Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Saudi Arabia said that such animal movement does not signal any natural disaster as said. So the pictures and video do not support Babu Kalayil prediction of earthquakes or any impending dangers.

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