Abu Thahir’s Power of Lighting Bulb by Touch: Fact Check

Image about Abu Thahir’s Power of Lighting Bulb by Touch
Abu Thahir’s Power of Lighting Bulb by Touch


He is Abu Thahir from Kerala, having the power of Lighting Bulb by touch of any part of his Body.
Scientists say that everyone has magnetic field in their body but Abu Thahir has a very strong magnetic field to light a bulb.

Image of Abu Thahir with his Electrician father
Abu Thahir with his Electrician father

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Meet Abu Thahir, the Indian Boy that can ‘Light Up’ Bulbs Just by Touch

Fact Check:

A viral message and video in wide circulation online purport to show an Indian Boy, Abu Thahir’s Power of Lighting Bulb by Touch of his Body. Allegedly, he can light a bulb simply by touching it with any part of his body and scientists suggested the boy has a very strong magnetic field. Despite the claims, the message about the boy having special power of lighting bulb by touch is not true.

Image about Abu Thahir’s Power of Lighting Bulb by Touch

Origin of Story: Abu Thahir Lighting Bulb by Touch

Newsflare website newsflare.com shared the video in question as filmed on 1st of April 2018 in Cullen Road, Alappuzha, India. Carrying the title “Wonder boy lights LED bulbs without electricity by touching them with his hands,” the article had below content:

Screenshot of article on Newsflare website
Screenshot of article on Newsflare website

The nine-year-old boy N. Abu Thahir can allegedly light up a rechargeable LED bulb by just pressing the electrical foot contacts to any part of his body, including his hands, feet, face, and ears. The story of Abu Thahir lighting Bulb by Touch seems to have appeared on social media as well before going viral. On 5th of April 2018, Wonderful Engineering website wonderfulengineering.com mentioned some details in an article with title “Indian Boy Claims He Can Light Up An LED Bulb With His Bare Hands“. It mentioned Abu Thahir’s father, an Electrician, discovering the bizarre skill when he brought home a bulb from work. The article also mentioned an explanation of Joshy K Kuriakose who said the phenomenon might be due to high salt content in Thahir’s body:

People who sweat more usually have a high salt content in their body. If the level is unusually high. The salt content increases the skin’s conductivity. This could explain why an LED bulb lights up when pressed against Thahir’s body.
If you connect the two leads of the rechargeable bulb with a wire, it will light up. Thahir’s body it will light up. Thahir’s body is conducting electricity like a wire.”

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Again in March 2018, Onmanorama website english.manoramaonline.com published an article with title “This Alappuzha boy can light up a bulb. He just needs to hold it!” The article mentioned the above explanation of Joshy K Kuriakose. Consequently, many other Indian and International media outlets reported the strange story and the video also went viral on video sharing sites like YouTube. While Abu Thahir’s father said it is a “gift given from God,” the boy became a local celebrity.

Flaws in Claims

Firstly, the boy cannot light up just any bulb, it’s only rechargeable LED bulbs when in contact with his body. And it happens only when the electrical foot contacts at the bottom of the bulb touch his skin. Moreover, observe the video – the LED bulb does not always light up on all parts of his body. Also note, the video does not really show the entire footage capture; there are cuts in between. No more photos or videos of the boy are available. Importantly, like claimed, we did not find significant records of people having magnetic power to light bulbs by mere touching. Human body does have energy, but as such, it is not electrical in nature to light up a bulb on itself.

Actual Facts

Technology today is so advanced that we now have variety of rechargeable LED bulbs with different features. What you see in the video is most probably an LED Light Bulb (and Emergency Light) with Intelligent Finger touch Switch. The video below shows and explains how a charged Magic LED Bulb can glow when in touch with water or wet hands. The next video shows a Rechargeable LED Bulb cum Emergency Light glowing when you touch both the leads. Rechargeable LED bulbs will have a storage battery inside that gets to work and light up the bulb.

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