Amazing Zoom In Video of a Pen Tip: Fact Check

Image about Amazing Zoom In Video of a Pen Tip
Amazing Zoom In Video of a Pen Tip


Amazing Zoom in Video of a Pen Tip

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Fact Check:

A popular video online purports to show an Amazing, Ultra Zoom In View of a Pen deeper than nucleus level. The super zoom in video allegedly under an Electronic Microscope with 100xzoom or even more gave a wonderful glimpse to viewers and many believed it is real. Nonetheless, it is not a real zoom in video.

Zoom in Video of Pen Tip is CGI

Yes, the amazing zoom in video of a pen tip is in fact a Computer Generated Animation by Pedro Machado, published on Vimeo in August 2019. The Super Zoom animation shows a macro view to the “quantum world,” describing it as an approximate scale of the reality of Physics.

The visualization dives deeper into the realm of the subatomic and theoretical. Likewise, the ‘Zoom in’ inside the tip of a ball point pen gives an illustrating view of Carbon atom around 10 to the power of minus 11 meters focus. It follows Atomic nucleus around 10 to the power of minus 14 meters focus and goes on deeper to illustrate Quarks Gluons Field, Quantum Fluctuations and Gravitational Metric Field. The Brazil-based graphic designer Pedro Machado in fact used FStorm GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) renderer for the 3ds Max creation.

Hoax or Fact:


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