Magic Shirt of Textile Engineers to Face the Threat of Stabbing: Fact Check

Image of Magic Shirt of Textile Engineers to Face the Threat of Stabbing
Magic Shirt of Textile Engineers to Face the Threat of Stabbing


This shirt, made of KEVLAR material is currently selling well in mainland Europe to face the threat of stabbing & beheading that are rampant in European countries.
Magic from Textile Engineers!

Other Versions

Kevlar Material made shirt excellent stabbing proof.

Fact Check:

Some videos are doing rounds online alleging to show a Magic Shirt made of Kevlar material currently selling well to face the threat of stabbing & beheading rampant in European countries. They in fact show it as an excellent stabbing proof magic shirt. Quite many viewers wondered if it is real and possible or not. Although not made from Kevlar material, the high performance body armour is real and explained here.

Magic Shirt and Body Armour to Face Stabbing/Slashing

PPSS Group is indeed the safety equipment supplier company in England selling the magic shirt and high performance body armour as Slash Resistant Clothing | Cut Resistant Clothing. Like demonstrations in the below videos also show, the company is taking personal protection to a completely new-found level.

About Kevlar

Kevlar is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber commonly used in safety equipment, for personal protection. For instance, it is used in the protective jackets of fencing sport. Because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, Kevlar has many applications, ranging from bicycle tires and racing sails to bulletproof vests. Kevlar is around five times stronger than Steel. However, PPSS Group’s next generation of high-performance body armour is made from Auxilam™, a unique carbon fiber composite material.

The company says their fabric is highly durable and offers 5 times the resistance of fabrics made from Kevlar. Polycarbonate-based stab resistant vests have in fact become popular among homeland security agencies in countries around the world. Like the messages mention, Knife violence has become common in Europe and other places and variety of weapons appear on the streets. So, spike protection has also become important to private security professionals.

CEO of PPSS Group, Robert Kaiser explained their safety fabrics protect especially key arteries and blood vessels, effectively preventing lacerations, cuts and subsequent rapid blood loss, shock and ultimately loss of valuable life. The company offers different types of slash/stab resistant fabric and body armour clothing in the form of arm guards, shirts, hoodies, jackets, long johns and balaclavas.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with Some Misinformation.


PPSS Group Launch Next Generation Body Armour Offering Previously Unthinkable Levels of Protection
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