New Military Robot to Outdate Soldiers in Army, Video: Fact Check



This New Military Robot in Town..Makes Soldiers Obsolete..You’ll see it in the Army soon!

Fact Check:

A fascinating video in heavy circulation online alleges to show a New Military Robot making soldiers obsolete, claiming it will be in Army soon. The video shows a human shape robot moving fast and shooting targets with perfect precision despite fight, beat and gunshots from human opposition. The impressive video with ‘innovative’ idea garnered wide attention of people around the world. But thankfully, it is not real and a product of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).

CGI Making, Not New Military Robot for Army

Although the idea of military robot to join army looked interesting, it also generated other concerns about the consequences. Nonetheless, such an advanced robot is not yet released by any engineering/military organizations. What you see in the video is not any new military robot to join Army. It is in fact CGI making coming from Visual effects, production studio Corridor Digital based in Los Angeles.

During shoot, a human was there in place of the robot, wearing motion sensor suit, and the robot was added in his place later in visual effect editing. The Corridor Crew also posted a video on YouTube suggesting they used CGI to fake the military robots.

Parody of ‘Boston Dynamics’ Robots

In order to understand the intention of the video making, viewers can notice ‘Bosstown Dynamics’ appearing on bottom right of the video. The video making from Corridor Digital is in fact a Parody of “Boston Dynamics,” an American engineering and robotics design company. They mentioned Bosstown Dynamics instead of Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics debut clips of their latest robot creations in similar fashion.

They released SpotMini, a dog-like robot and also a humanoid robot called Atlas among others.

Similar CGI Video in Past

Earlier in June 2019 also, Corridor Digital released a video of a robot resembling Atlas being abused, before turning on its human attackers.

Back then again, the Corridor Crew revealed in a YouTube video how they faked a “Boston Dynamics” Robot.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla