Humanoid Robot Video Terrifying Viewers: Fact Check

Image about Humanoid Robot Video Terrifying Viewers
Humanoid Robot Video Terrifying Viewers


This Humanoid Robot Video terrifying viewers on Internet
We are all going to Die!

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Strange Humanoid Robot Video Terrifies Twitter

Fact Check:

A strange footage viral on Twitter and shared elsewhere as well purports to show a Real Humanoid Robot Video that terrified viewers. It appeared with a message warning – we are all going to die. It shows a creepy, realistic humanoid robot walking up a driveway, creating thoughts of Robot uprising like shown in some Hollywood movies. The truth of the matter, however is that the Humanoid Robot video is not real and is explained below.

Not Humanoid Robot Video

The human-like Robot video looked so real that the footage sent shivers to some viewers. It went viral on Twitter after Derren Brown shared the story on 19th August 2018. He actually retweeted the video from another user Gustavo Vela, who seems to have shared it as a – Robot. Because of the realistic appearance most of the viewers went on to believe the Humanoid Robot video is authentic. However, a skeptic eye will see there are no proper shadow formations of the Humanoid Robot in the video.

Image from animated short film series called Adam
Image from animated short film series called Adam

Later, the same day, Neill Blomkamp of Oats Studios responded to Derren Brown’s viral tweet clarifying the footage is actually part of an animated short film series called Adam. He also shared the link to Adam story Episode 2, which as a matter of fact was created and rendered in Unity – a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies.

Therefore, the humanoid robot video viral on Twitter is not real; the Robotic invasion claims are hoaxes. What you see in the video is a CGI rendering of Adam, a character of a Unity film series. Film Maker and VFX & 3D artist Maxim Sullivan shared the video earlier on Twitter describing it as a “Glitchy test of Adam from the @oatsstudios Unity film, going for a walk..

Hoax or Fact:



Robot video terrifies Twitter, but the apocalypse isn’t here

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