Fish With Human Face Caught in Japan, Video: Fact Check

Image about Fish With Human Face Caught in Japan, Video
Fish With Human Face Caught in Japan, Video


This fish with a human face is caught in Japan

Other Versions

1. Fish with Human Face caught in Chernobyl Russia

2. They found this weird fish in japan

3. (Hindi)
मानव चेहरे वाली मछली चेर्नोबिल रूस में पकड़ी गई

Fact Check:

A short clip is shared widely on social media and video sharing websites purporting to show a weird Fish with Human Face Caught in Japan. The video is circulating online in different languages and claims. It appears to show the strange and also scary fish moving around on a dock looking at the camera. The video keeps surfacing online quite often with similar claims. Nonetheless, what you see in the video is not any real fish creature with human face.

Origin and Claims about the Video

The video in question appeared widely on Facebook, Twitter and other video sharing websites like YouTube. In early June 2019, a Facebook user shared the video carrying some Chinese subtitles and it garnered hundreds and thousands of shares.

While some posts called the creature in video a hybrid of fish and human, others mentioned speculations of some Alien creature coming to earth. The video also appeared with some more serious allegations like the creature is the result of nuclear fallout in Chernobyl (Russia), mutations or reincarnation of some unknown person. Interestingly, slightly different and mirrored versions of the footage also appeared online.

In late April, the video appeared on a Facebook pageThe Most Haunted Places in Pakistan‘ with similar claims of Fish and human face. The video appears to have originated from some Chinese website around April 2019.

Not Any Real Fish With Human Face

Despite the popularity of the footage and the strange claims, the fishy video does not show any real animal as in a fish with human face. There are no details of the origin of the video and incident, and no such related reports are available. If it were real, the weird footage would have easily made into breaking news. The Camera is shaky, the fins do not appear to move, and more importantly, the look of the ‘creature’ is too good to be real. Some viewers mentioned the human face in the video looks like the popular character Thomas the Tank Engine. Others also mentioned the idea resembles to Seaman, a character in virtual pet video game designed for the Sega Dreamcast.

All this concludes to saying what you see in the video is just computer-generated imagery, not any real fish with human face. It is created using some good 3D video animation software. Despite the obvious vision, the video is often shared with mysterious claims.

Image of Fish with "humanoid" facial features
Fish with “humanoid” facial features

On the other hand, in 2009, hybrid descendants of a Carp and a Leather Carp (Tangerine fish) created a sensation in the small South Korean town of Chongju. Two female fishes in a pond carried “humanoid” facial features. Two lines and two dots on their heads gave them some resemblance to human eyes and nose. Shown below is a Korean news report on the unusual finding.

Hoax or Fact:


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