Fake Plastic Rice Manufacturing Exposed, Video: Fact Check

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Fake Plastic Rice Manufacturing Exposed, Video


Fake Plastic Rice Manufacturing Exposed!
Making of Plastic Rice
Be Careful before you buy Rice!

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Fact Check:

The story in circulation online since few years purports to expose a video of Fake Plastic Rice Manufacturing. The video shows a worker feeding plastic waste into a machine which processes and produces white, rice-like granules. The claim is that the rice made from sheets of plastic is toxic. In fact, there are some other similar videos warning consumers to be careful while buying rice and avoid fake plastic rice at all cost. Despite the claims and the footage showing the making of rice-like granules, what you see in the video is not fake plastic rice manufacturing.

Not Fake Plastic Rice Manufacturing Video(s)

The video shows a worker feeding waste plastic sheets into a machine, which is then processed into a lump of plastic. Then the lump of plastic is cut and molded into thin lines of thread conveyed through a water-cooling section. It is again processed and cut into white rice-like plastic granules, which are collected in bags. As a matter of fact, many viewers suggested the video is from a factory in China. The alleged fake plastic rice manufacturing sparked fears also because of past concerns about fake plastic rice in China.

Fake, Plastic Rice in China: Facts

Seeing the videos in question, some suggested it would not be economical to produce fake rice out of plastic. Moreover, the video actually shows a factory producing plastic granules (pellets) intended for industrial use, a common process. Responding to the allegations in 2017, the China Food and Drug Administration also clarified the same. Below is a video of Plastic Granules Making Machine briefly showing the industrial manufacturing process. Note the plastic granules come out in different colors depending on the type, color and quality of plastic fed for recycling and reuse. The white colored plastic granules (pellets) are useful in manufacturing house hold products, textiles, pipes, containers, water bottles and packaging materials among others.

To conclude, the claim that the video exposes fake plastic rice manufacturing is a hoax. It actually shows making of plastic granules from waste plastic and is intended for industrial use.

Hoax or Fact:



Footage from China sparks fears over whether your rice could be made out of Plastic

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