Natural Fountain Shoots Up in Sky on Saying OM: Fact Check

Image about Natural Fountain Shoots Up in Sky on Saying OM
Natural Fountain Shoots Up in Sky on Saying OM


This Thailand’s Natural Fountain Shoots Up in Sky on Saying OM

Other Versions

1. Natural fountain shoots up in the sky when someone pronounces the mystical word OM in a mic.

2. Thailand’s Flowing Rivulet (small river) Rises above as Natural Fountain on reciting Sound of The Universe ‘Om’*ओम् (ॐ)*!!!!

3. (Hindi)

थाइलैंड में एक पर्वत के नीचे पानी का एक छोटा जरंना (small natural river) के बाजु वाले पर्वत पे *ओम् (ॐ*) का उच्चारण करते पानी फ़ूवाँरा बन कर पर्वत से भी अपर तक उछलता हे .. ये किसी बोद्ध साधु – सम्प्रदाय ने बनाया हे .. मूँजें ये नहि समज में आता हे की ये ऐसे केसे होता हे ? पानी का वज़न + गुरुतवाकरशं से भी इतना अपर पानी सिर्फ़ आवाज़ के तरंग से केसे जा सकता हे? ये कोई विज्ञानी ही बता सकता हे .. उसे जान ने के लिए मूँजें बोहात इंट्रेस्ट हे .. क्योंकि ऐसा सिर्फ़ *ओम् ( ॐ* )बोल ने पर ही होता हे !! ये भी एक अजीबो अजूबा हे .. इसे कई भारतीय ने ट्राई भी किया हे ..

Fact Check:

An interesting video purports to show a Natural Fountain Shoots Up in Sky from down below of a Thailand mountain when someone says/chants the mystical word OM in mike. The video is doing rounds on Facebook and video sharing sites along with claims saying some Buddhist saint made the natural magical fountain which is hard to believe. The short video clip shows a small girl shouting OM on mike and the fountain of water surprisingly shoots up. The rise of the fountain water in video is true, but rest of the claims are not facts.

Natural Fountain Shoots Up on OM Chant?

The sound of OM is in fact considered sacred and powerful in Hinduism. However, what is said about the video is not true. Firstly, the location shown in the video is not Thailand, it comes from China. Second, the water fountain rise is not natural, and it does not only happen on saying the word OM. What you see in the video is in fact a sound-control fountain in use at Ningxiang Thousand-Buddha Cave of China. Himalaya Music Fountain produced and installed the artificial voice control system, which is also called Shout fountain or voice-controlled fountain. The Company shared a similar video on YouTube.

When people input a sound (OM or any other) through a microphone, the sound is converted to signals and passed to the control system, which finally controls the height of water spray in the fountain. You can see below, China Xinhua News also shared a video from the location on their Facebook page.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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