Zombie like Creature Crawling Over Footpath at Night, Video: Fact Check



Watch: Strange and Scary Zombie like creature Crawling slowly passing over a Footpath at Night!

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Sad news: Zombies appeared suddenly, the city is terrified.

Fact Check:

A ‘scary’ video in circulation online alleges to show a strange Zombie like Creature Crawling slowly crossing a Footpath at night. The video in fact shows the strange creature coming out slowly from bushes alongside the footpath and then appears to crawl over it. The creature looks scary also because it has unusual claws on which it crawls away gradually. Although the night video footage and the strange creature look scary, it is not any real Zombie.

Image about Zombie like Creature Crawling Over Footpath at Night, Video

Not Zombie Crawling Over a Footpath at Night

The strange video is doing rounds on Twitter and other social media platforms with similar zombie claims. A Twitter post in Chinese with the claim garnered more than million views and thousands of likes and retweets. Moreover, unsuspecting people thought the strange creature appearing at night and crawling unusually slowly at night could be something ghostly.

Despite the claims and popularity of the video, what you see is in fact not very popular mammal called Sloth. Sloths look awkward and have very low metabolism and movement, sloth is related to the word slow. Sloths are also pretty good swimmers. However, they spend most of their time hanging and sleeping on trees and occasionally move around to another tree. Due to urbanization, sloths have to cross paved roads. The video below shows one such Sloth moving slowly on ground shifting trees.

So, what you see in the video is an unusual mammal called Sloth – not any zombie like ghost coming to terrify people. Unfortunately, because of their slow crawl, sloths are sometimes hit by moving vehicles on road. Generous commuters however stop and help them cross the road.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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