Defence Minister AK Antony Bought Wife’s Painting for 28 Crore: Fact Check

Image about Defence Minister AK Antony Bought Wife's Painting for 28 Crore
Defence Minister AK Antony Bought Wife's Painting for 28 Crore


This painting costed 28 Cr & was purchased by Ex Defence Minister AK Antony for his office. This unique painting was made by none other then his own wife Elizabeth Antony. Unique party-unique ways of scam.
Remember, same Antony refused to buy Rafale claiming shortage of Money.

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इस #पेंटिंग की कीमत है ——-मात्र 28 करोड़ रुपये।….
ईमानदार भूतपूर्व रक्षा मंत्री ए. के. एंटोनी ने अपने कार्यकाल में इसे खरीदा थावो भी सरकारी पैसे से।
अब जरा यह भी जान लीजिए कि इस अद्भुत अदुतीय जादुई पेंटिंग को बनाने में अपना पूरा जीवन लगा देने वाले कलाकार कौन है और इन कलाकारा महोदय का नाम क्या है ?
ये है एलिज़ाबेथ एंटोनी ।
जी हाँ इन्ही भूतपूर्व रक्षामंत्री की श्रीमती जी।
यह निर्लज्ज रक्षामंत्री सेना के लिए हथियार की खरीदी के समय हाथ खड़े कर देता था।
और वहीं अपने ही घर बनी हुई पेंटिंग को अपने आफिस में टांगने के लिए 28 करोड़ रुपये सरकार से झटक लेता है।
*फिर भी मूर्ख लोग चोर मोदी को ठहरा रहे है।

Image about Defence Minister AK Antony Bought Wife's Painting for 28 Crore

Fact Check:

Some messages viral on WhatsApp and other platforms claim to show Ex Indian Defence Minister A.K Antony Bought Wife’s Painting for a whopping 28 Crore rupees. They also carry a picture of his wife Elizabeth Antony standing next to a painting. Allegedly, AK Antony purchased his wife’s painting from Government’s money simply to adorn his office walls. The messages even raise a satire on the former Defence Minister. They say he is the same ‘honest’ person who refused to buy Rafale Fighter Jets for Indian Air Force claiming shortage of money during his tenure. Although popular, the claim is not a fact and is explained below.

AK Antony Bought Wife’s Painting for 28 Crore?

Firstly, there are no credible reports suggesting the former Indian Defence Minister A.K Antony’s wife’s paintings costed a hefty price of 28 Crore rupees. Neither there are reports suggesting he made such a purchase for his office from Government’s money. Interestingly, similar allegations were doing rounds on social media few years back. They claimed Air India bought 8 paintings from Elizabeth Antony at a whopping price of 28 Crore rupees. Again, this is also not a fact.

A.K. Antony is a senior Congress leader and his wife Elizabeth Antony was indeed raising funds for her NGO by selling her paintings. However, a 2016 report on Deccan Chronicle website reported about a related RTI (Right to Information) question. It revealed it was in fact Airport Authority of India (AAI) that bought two paintings of Elizabeth Antony for Rs 2.5 lakh. AAI bought the paintings for displaying them at select airports. M.S. Vishnu Sankar filed the RTI and S. Supriya, Sr. Manager of Airports Authority of India gave the reply.

Therefore, the claims saying former Defence Minister AK Antony bought wife’s painting for 28 Crore are just hoaxes. Back in August 2016, Elizabeth Antony also shared the clarification on her Facebook account.

Hoax or Fact:


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