Hindu Woman Beaten in Kerala for Idol Worshiping: Fact Check

Image about Hindu Woman Beaten in Kerala for Idol Worshiping
Hindu Woman Beaten in Kerala for Idol Worshiping


Christian Missionaries & Jihadis in Kerala are terrorizing Hindus – This Hindu woman was beaten because she was worshiping. Media will not print because it’s a crime against Hindu.

Other Versions

1. (Hindi)
केरल में एक हिन्दू महिला को पूजा करने की वजह से मारा गया और बेइज्ज़त किया गया !!??
ऐसे लोगों के साथ क्या होना चाहिए. ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर करो ताकी पिरित महीला को इंसाफ मिल सके.

2. इस हिंदू महिला को इसलिए पीटा गया क्योंकि वह पूजा कर रही थी। केरल में ईसाई मिशनरी और जिहादी, हिंदुओं को निशाना बना रहे हैं।

Fact Check:

A picture message is doing rounds on various social media platforms alleging to show a Hindu Woman Beaten in Kerala and dishonored for Idol Worshiping. Accompanying pictures show an elderly woman bleeding from face and an Idol of Hindu Lord Krishna fallen damaged on road. Furthermore, some versions of the message claim Christian Missionaries and Jihadi Muslims are behind the act. No, the claims are not true.

Not Hindu Woman Beaten in Kerala

The picture messages were doing rounds online earlier in 2018 also claiming a Hindu woman from Kerala was beaten brutally and dishonored for doing Pooja. In addition, there were other narratives like Muslims in Kerala destroyed a Temple and attacked the Hindu woman.

The fact of the matter is something different and shows an old incident in 2017 from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi Facebook page Suptodisha (later renamed to ‘Chittagong Tuber – সুপ্তদিশা’) shared the actual incident in October 2017.

The elderly woman Panchabala Karmakar was from Uttar (North) Jaldi area of Chittagong district in Bangladesh. Unlike the claims, she was beaten by her influential neighbor Pradip Ghosh and his son.

On the other hand, the photograph of Lord Krishna has been added to fabricate the communal story. It is available online since at least April 2018.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla