Researchers Find 3-Fingered Alien Mummy in Nazca, Peru: Fact Check

Picture about: Researchers Find Three-fingered Alien Mummy in Nazca, Peru
Researchers Find Three-fingered Alien Mummy in Nazca, Peru


Three-fingered Alien Mummy found in Peru

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1. Researchers find a Mummified, Three-fingered Alien in Nazca, Peru

2. New Alien Mummy Discovered in Peru near Nazca Lines

Fact Check:

An interesting story creating a buzz online purports that researchers have found a three-fingered Alien Mummy in Nazca region of Peru. So let us analyze if the paranormal alien claims are true or false.

Origin of Claim

Starting in mid 2017 Gaia website has been publishing a series of reports and videos about ‘Unearthing Nazca‘. They talk about major archeological discovery in Peru and groundbreaking evidence of another species that independent scientists from around the world are examining. On their Facebook page ‘Unexplained on Gaia,’ they have been posting regular updates on same, and the discovery of small bodies from the tomb in Nazca that they present as possible new Bipedal species. Their tests appear to show the bones of the skeleton to be 1,700 years old, and that the beings had three fingers with elongated skulls. In one of their videos on Facebook, the Mummified, three-fingered species (small bodies) are described like below:

Could these two bodies from Nazca uncover a new Bipedal species?
Despite appearing humanoid at first glance, the bodies’ anthropometric features are more similar to Reptiles:

The ribs are more akin to the ribs of a snake than of a primate. The arms and legs have only one bone, instead of the two we see in humans. Inside the female specimen, X-rays reveal three objects which resemble eggs. However, the large cranium suggests a capacity for intelligence beyond any known reptile. These bodies appear anatomically identical to the headless body uncovered from the same tomb. According to the excavator, only 10% of this tomb has been explored. What else might be buried under the desert?..

Another website soon reported the claims of Gaia with ‘breaking headline’ – “New Alien Mummy Discovered In Peru Near Nazca Lines“.

About Nazca

Nazca (or Nasca) is a city and system of valleys along the Southern coast of Peru. The name comes from the Nazca culture that flourished in the region between 100 BC and 800 AD. Notably, this culture was responsible for the Nazca Lines (a series of large ancient Geoglyphs) in the desert area. Since there is no single explanation for the formation of Nazca lines, there have been speculations that Aliens were somehow involved in their creation.

Flaws in Claims

Firstly, Gaia website claims a man Mario is the explorer behind the groundbreaking discoveries in Peru since 1990s. However, there is no disclosure of his surname anywhere. Secondly, Jaime Maussan, the UFOlogist who is at the forefront of the claims, has a suspicious background. He investigated some alleged alien body discoveries earlier, which later turned out to be hoaxes. For example, he supported the find of a Baby Alien in Mexico Farm, which turned out to be the corpse of a Squirrel Monkey (Titi), the chemical composition of which was altered.

There is also no disclosure of the Peruvian region finding the three-finger ‘Alien’ body. When asked and Jamie Maussan about same, they did not answer. Maussan instead said the explorer Mario is not interested to face any camera, or disclose the site because he does not want to lose what is inside.

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