Discovery Channel Found 80 Feet Human Skeleton in India: Fact Check

Picture about Discovery Channel Found 80 Feet Giant Human Skeleton in North India
Discovery Channel Found 80 Feet Giant Human Skeleton in North India


Discovery channel Found 80 feet tall human Skeleton in North India.
Mahabharata has the description of Ghatotkach exactly matching to this.
He was bhima’s son.

Other Versions

Giant Human Skeleton of Eightly feet Height Found in India.


కురుక్షేత్ర నగర సమీపంలో బయటపడిన 80 అడుగుల ఘటోత్కచుడి అస్థిపంజరం!

Fact Check:

A set of pictures doing rounds online since many days claim to show that Discovery Channel has Found an 80 Feet Giant Human Skeleton in North India. It is also said that the look of the giant skeleton matches exactly with the features of Ghatotkach, the son of Bhima, as described in the Indian epic Mahabharata. The pictures, however, do not show any real 80 feet giant human skeleton, so the claims are therefore hoaxes.

80 Feet Human Skeletons from India?

The first picture showing huge human skull and bones inside an underground hole as two men work around it is in fact an entry of a Photoshop contest seeking a hoax archaeological discovery. The second picture showing a full, giant human skeleton as three men are working around it is again an entry of a Photoshop contest that asked to change the size of something into extraordinary.

The third picture showing a large skeleton on display among many people is real. However, it is a sculpture named “Calamita Cosmica,” or “Cosmic Magnet”. The skeleton sculpture is 28 meters long and weighs about eight tons, or 16,000 pounds. Artist Gino De Dominicis created the giant skeleton sculpture and unveiled in 1990 at Centre National d’Art Contemporain in Grenoble, France. After traveling places, it came to the Museo Nazionale della Arti del XXI Secolo modern art museum in Rome, Italy. You can see some more pictures of the giant skeleton sculpture Calamita Cosmica on Atlas Obscura website

So the picture stories claiming to show Discovery Channel found 80 feet giant human skeleton in North India, resembling that of Bhima’s son Ghatotkach are hoaxes. In past years, many such stories showing pictures of giant human skeleton discoveries have been popular online.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla