Man Found Dead Dragon on Remote Island, Video: Fact Check

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Man Found Dead Dragon on Remote Island, Video


Man Found the Corpse of a Dead Dragon on Remote Island

Other Versions

1. Dead Dragon Found in Bhutan

2. Dragon Fell from the Sky Over Tibet in China

3. DRAGON Corpse Found by Scientist in Spain

4. A Real Dead Dragon Was Found Dead in the South of Saudi Arabia!

5. Dragon found in Tibet

Fact Check:

An intriguing video shared heavily since 2016 purports to show that a Man Found the Corpse of a Dead Dragon on Remote Island. In fact, the video is doing rounds online with various stories attributed to it. Some say the video shows a dragon fell from the sky over Tibet, China. Others said the real dead dragon corpse was found by a Scientist in Spain; some also mentioning Saudi Arabia. The dragon shown in the video has so realistic features and appearance that some viewers thought it could be real. On the contrary, what you see is in fact a Dragon Model explained below.

Not Dead Dragon on Remote Island

The viewers who believed in the story thought the dragon in the video could be a creature from another world. However, a close look into the video reveals certain features questioning authenticity of the dragon creature. The back right leg under the tail appears detached and there’s no gap between its finger flaps (see images below). Moreover, there are no news reports of any such dead Dragon on remote Island, all of which indicate it is not real.

Because Dragon is a fascinating creature, internet space has often seen many hoax stories surrounding it. Earlier, a picture story claimed to show a White Dragon Shot Dead in Malaysia.

Coming back to story in question, what you see in the video is in fact a Dragon Model made for a Spanish television program called Cuarto milenio (Fourth millennium). The program specializing in paranormal issues broadcasted the wonderful work of art as a real dragon in early 2016. Shown above is the making video of the dragon model, which measured more than 4 meters.

A footage from the Television program released in February 2016 is shown below. Someone seems to have grabbed a part of the video and fabricated the hoax story of real dragon.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla