Real Dragon Found Alive in a Cave: Video – Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Real Dragon Found Alive in a Cave, Video
Real Dragon Found Alive in a Cave, Video


REAL DRAGON Found alive in a cave caught on Camera

Fact Check:

A video in circulation online since early 2015 claims to show a Real Dragon found Alive inside a Cave, caught on Camera. Although the alleged Dragon creature in the video is not visible clearly in the blurry and dark footage, the video has been shared quite often. As detailed below the claim that the video shows a real dragon inside a cave is a hoax.

Origin of Story & Actual Facts

The video in question appears to originate from YouTube channel of GO Planet, which was published back on 21 April 2015 – questioning whether what’s seen in the video is a real dragon. Note, like many other videos in the channel, this video too was uploaded in Entertainment category, and the same footage was published again in July 2016 with another title saying “Pokémon Go! REAL POKEMON CAUGHT ALIVE IN A CAVE!! TRUE?“.

As you can see in the video, the recording is fuzzy, of poor quality and dark, wherein the alleged dragon creature is not even visible clearly. The person in the video first finds large eggs (which could possibly be of large birds or animals alike) and then he moves inside cave to suddenly faces the alleged dragon creature. Then he screams and probably runs away. It should be noted the location of the incident is nowhere specified, and if it were real, there would have been news reports on it and also investigations, which isn’t the case.

It is also not clear whether the horned creature seen in the video is a real dragon, a known animal, or a makeup doll of that kind. Considering the loud and clear rattling sound we hear in the beginning of the video as the person steps over the broken egg shell, the way the person ‘screams’ out after the alleged dragon sighting inside the cave does not sound realistic. Most of all, Dragons are considered to be legendary creatures; there is no credible evidence for their existence as of this writing. Nonetheless, dragons are mentioned in many fantastical tales, and have been reported in many hoax stories, some listed in Related Stories section below.

So considering the aforementioned facts and flaws, the incident in the video allegedly showing a real dragon alive inside a cave is perhaps staged and therefore a hoax. The creature could possibly be some horned wild animal, or a doll of that kind to mimic a dragon encounter.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla