120-Metre Giant Dragon Jumped Out of Water, Photograph: Fact Check

Image about 120-Metre Giant Dragon Jumped Out of Water
120-Metre Giant Dragon Jumped Out of Water, Photograph


A 120-metre (390-foot) giant dragon with a diameter of 1.5 metres jumped out of the water this afternoon, attracting thousands of people.

Other Versions

1. An earthquake took place in Yibin has caused severe debris flow. A 120-meter dragon with a diameter of 1.5 meter jumped out of water at 2pm today, attracting thousands of people. Experts have flown here and said that this dragon has something to do with the earthquake.

2. Biggest snake of the world found

Fact Check:

The unusual picture is doing rounds online alleging to show a 120-metre (390-foot) Giant Dragon Jumped out of Water, attracting thousands of people. It appears to show an enormous black snake coming down from hillside as many people look upon standing by its side. Notably, the photograph also appeared online with claims suggesting an Earthquake in Yibin was caused by the Giant Dragon. No, the claims are not at all true – what you see is just a Photoshop creation.

Giant Dragon Jumped Out of Water?

The photograph in question is doing rounds online with such unusual claims since at least July 2019. It appeared with stories reporting finding of Biggest Snake of the World. Bills Channel also shared the picture on Facebook questioning if the photograph of the enormous snake is real or fake.

While some viewers thought it could be real, others joked it is Godzilla’s pet snake. The story reminds us of a similar and popular story from past claiming to show an Amazing Giant Snake Found in Red Sea. The unusual images in that case came from a student’s graphic project.

Coming back to the story in question, there are no credible news reporting any such giant dragon snake jumped out of water, attracting thousands of people. Then there are some clear signs of photo editing suggesting the snake in the picture is not real. The tail region of the snake is set up right over the people. There’s also a triangle type of formation on its side. So, what you see is in fact a Photoshop picture of snake pasted over the photograph of people, perhaps witnessing a horse race.

Photoshop Image Creator Arrested

The photograph and the story of the snake causing earthquake appeared on Chinese social network Weibo. Despite the poor quality of Photoshop, it created some sort of panic and confusion among certain elderly people in Yibin City of China. Yibun Cyber Police looked into the matter, arrested the suspect Zhang on 3rd July 2019 and put him in detention for spreading rumors. Consequently, Zhang confessed that he “did it just for fun” and also wrote a letter of apology in light of the incident.

Zhang posted the picture and fabricated story to Weibo in the first week of July 2019, following the earthquake in Yibin, Sichuan on June 17.

Hoax or Fact:



Picture of ‘giant snake that caused Yibin earthquake’ lands man in detention

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