Pictures of Baby Born With Tail in India: Fact Check

Alleged Pictures of Baby Born With Tail in India
Pictures of Baby Born With Tail in India


This baby was born with a tail in Indian state Kerala

Other Versions

Today 10AM Delivered at RIMS Kadapa Baby with Tail

Fact Check:

A set of strange pictures are shared on WhatsApp and social media alleging to show a Baby was Born With Tail in India. The pictures appeared with different claims saying the incident happened in Kerala and Kadapa. Although the pictures are real, the accompanying claims are not true.

Not in India

The strange pictures in fact show a baby born with tail in Columbia. A Facebook user shared them as news on 14th June 2019. The pictures doing rounds on social media and image sharing websites stunned many viewers, but it is not so very rare and there are biological reasons to it.

Around sixth week of gestation, the human fetus (embryo) possesses a tail, complete with several vertebrae. However, in the next couple of weeks, the tail disappears as the vertebrae fuse to form the tailbone. In rare cases, human infants are born with a vestigial tail. Usually, such tails lack vertebrae and are harmless. Some such cases are associated with Spina Bifida, i.e. failure of the vertebrae to completely enclose the spinal cord. Typically, such newborns with tail undergo surgery to remove it without complication.

Image of Muslim baby born with tail in Kharar, India
Muslim baby born with tail in Kharar, India

Similar Cases of Baby Born with Tail in India and Elsewhere

Although the pictures do not show a baby with tail in India, there are some such noted cases in India and elsewhere. Around 2002, a Muslim baby in Kharar (Punjab) was born with a ‘tail’ and was believed to be the reincarnation of Hindu god, Lord Hanuman. The baby boy had a tail 4 inches long and father Qureshi said he had nine spots on body like the Hindu deity. In 2015, a baby boy Yang Yang in China had a 6-inch tail at birth. The boy’s family nicknamed him ‘little monkey’. In his 11 months, however, doctors removed the tail surgically.

In January 2010, group of Indian doctors from Subharti Medical College in Meerut published a genetic throwback of newborns with tail.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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