COVID-19 Positive Aus Woman Arrested for Spitting on Fruits: Fact Check

Image about COVID-19 Positive Aus Woman Arrested for Spitting on Fruits
COVID-19 Positive Aus Woman Arrested for Spitting on Fruits


Disgusting Woman: She was tested positive for Covid-19 n caught spitting on the fruits before NSW Police arrested her in Woolworths.

Other Versions

1. This lady was caught spitting on fruits etc so other people can have covid as she is positive

2. NSW, Australia. COVID-19 positive Chinese woman caught on camera spitting on bananas at a suburban supermarket.

3. Woman arrested after spitting on banana

Fact Check:

A video is viral on social media alleging to show a disgusting incident of a Woman Tested Positive for COVID-19 Caught Spitting on Fruits at a suburban supermarket of Australia. Accompanying messages also appear to show Police arresting the woman for her ‘criminal’ action amid ongoing global pandemic of Coronavirus. No, the claims as such are not true – the video shows two different incidents and two different women.

About the Video of Arrest of Woman with COVID-19 Spitting on Fruits

The video appeared on WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube in late March 2020. The first part of the video shows a policeman trying to arrest a woman in a supermarket and carries the story in question. The second part of the video shows a woman appearing to sneeze or spit on bananas, carrying the text “Chullora Woolworths.” Woolworths is a supermarket and Chullora is an Australian suburb area. The video in fact went viral with the ‘disgusting’ claims amid scare and panic after the deadly outbreak of Coronavirus killing thousands of people around the world. It is also because some related videos emerged from China claiming to show the people spreading Coronavirus.

Two Different Incidents in Video

The first part of the video shows an arrest of a 54-year-old woman in Gordon, in Sydney’s north on 19th March 2020. The woman caused a disruption at Woolworths supermarket in Gordon and refused instructions from police. The police released the woman later without charge. Sydney police came in to help control crowds of shoppers at supermarkets. Such incidents took place over panic buying and related issues amid Coronavirus lockdown.

The women in both the incidents in the video looked similar, but they are wearing different dress. The second part of the video shows a blurry CCTV vision of a woman spitting or sneezing on bananas in a supermarket/store. It is unclear where the video is from, but the fruit layout and displays visible in the video do not resemble recent scenes from Chullora Woolworths. Moreover, a spokeswoman for New South Wales Police clarified the incident about arrest. She also added the second segment in the video is not related to the incident. The edited footage appeared on Tik Tok account @damansingh120 and was later deleted.

So, the claims saying the video shows arrest of a COVID-19 positive Australian woman for spitting on fruits/bananas are hoaxes. The video is in fact an edit of two different incidents. The whereabouts of the other incident in the video and the woman are not known.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla