Purple UFO Filmed by Television Crew in Lima, Peru: Facts

Picture about Purple UFO Filmed by Television Crew in Lima, Peru
Purple UFO Filmed by Television Crew in Lima, Peru


Purple UFO Filmed by Television Crew in Lima.

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Purple UFO filmed hovering above city of Lima in Peru | UFO Caught on Camera in Lima, Peru – 2015)

Purple UFO caught by TV crew in Peru.


A video clipping shared heavily around the world came with the claim that a Television crew in Lima of Peru captured a Purple colored UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Couple of related videos thereafter also took into various news outlets giving rise to speculations that it is indeed extra-terrestrial object. Let us analyze if the said claims are facts or simply a hoax like it happens often.

Picture about Purple UFO Filmed by Television Crew in Lima, Peru
Purple UFO Filmed by Television Crew in Lima, Peru

Series of Events

On 10 February 2015, YouTube user Eduardo Chávez Guerra originally uploaded the video (first one in this article), saying that it is an Ovni (UFO) caught by crew during filming of a TV crime show “Alto Al Crimen” (Stop Crime). The next day PeruThisWeek.com reported about the YouTube video saying the unidentified object could be a possible UFO. The story was then taken up by various news outlets around the world, which is how the strange, purple (UFO) filmed by the TV production crew in Lima became popular. It also had dark colored edges in what appear like red and black colors. Then came speculations that the alien object hovering in the distant sky near a construction area in Miraflores district of Lima could be a Drone or some other artificial object.

UFO Beliefs in Peru

Belief in UFOs is widespread in Peru and there are frequent claims of such sightings. In 2013, the Peruvian Air Force even opened a UFO office called the Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (DIFAA) meant to investigate UFO sightings and other “anomalous aerial phenomena.” After the purple UFO created a buzz, a current Raelian movement reported in a PR Newswire release (prnewswire.com) that it is a sign of relation to their initiative to persuade the Peruvian government for building an extraterrestrial embassy. Raelians are a group of religious people who believe that humans originated from alien scientists who came to earth in UFOs.

Close Examination

The TV crew was shooting the investigative program in Miraflores district of Lima, Peru, when the strange event occurred that seem to have captured a purple UFO. As the host of the show, Lima Congressman Renzo Reggiardo starts talking about something, the camera shifts focus to the UFO sighting faraway within few seconds, and then a voice claims that the purple flying object looks like an Ovni (UFO). It was said that there were multiple witnesses of the UFO sighting, but it is questionable why there aren’t other footages that show a close up shot of the UFO, considering there was already a professional camera shooting the TV show. More importantly, it was said that the UFO happened to be visible for about 2 hours, but there is no footage of it leaving the area, as to how it departed the region. A close look at the footage between timeframes 1:05 and 1:30 suggests that the shape of the purple part of the flying object seems to be changing, indicating that the object might be made of some flexible material that’s changing its shape with the blowing winds. Like it may be a huge Rokkaku Kite (high-altitude kites known as rokkaku dako) or a Balloon or something alike.

About Video Poster

Eduardo Chavez Guerra, the user who posted the purple UFO video to YouTube is the staff member of Futura Video Equipment, and notably, the company Video Futura, according to the description on their website videofutura.pe, specializes in integrated communications; dedicated to creative and innovative audiovisual production and direction. Importantly, Eduardo Chavez Guerra is a producer of the ‘Alto al Crimen’ TV show (shown in below video, now deleted), and a drone expert.

Picture of Kite
Picture of Kite

Hoax Revealed

On 11 Feb. 2015, YOUR TV posted a YouTube video in ‘Entertainment’ category showing an interview with some of the TV crew members who seem to have spotted the purple UFO in Lima (above video, now deleted). A comment posted by a YouTube user Aurelio Rodriguez revealed that the purple UFO was in fact a large Kite that was being flown from the Costanera Avenue area in Peru. In his YouTube channel, he also posted a video showing a picture of the Kite (shown as UFO) that he luckily saw while traveling about 4 kilometers from the area in Lima (third picture in Image Gallery). He said he was struck by its large size and stability in the air, which is why he took pictures and video of the ‘UFO’ in his cell phone. As shown in the last picture of Image Gallery, a close up screenshot of the picture taken by Aurelio Rodriguez, when compared to the purple UFO in question, the color schemes match perfectly! From all the aforementioned facts, it is evident that the purple UFO sighting in Lima (Peru) recorded by a TV crew is a staged hoax; it is simply a huge kite stabilized in air, perhaps a rokkaku dako described above.

Picture of Kite, Not Purple UFO
Kite, Not Purple UFO

UFO phenomenon is something that interests wide audience across the world, that’s the reason why we often see many hoax stories like this.

Hoax or Fact:


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Purple Disc Shaped UFO Filmed By TV Crew In Peru

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