Meat Thrown Near Shiv Temple in Jharkhand Causes Outrage: Fact Check

Image of Meat Thrown Near Shiv Temple in Jharkhand Causes Outrage
Meat Thrown Near Shiv Temple in Jharkhand Causes Outrage


Pieces of Meat Thrown near Shiv Temple in Jharkhand causes outrage among devotees

Other Versions

Beef was thrown into a Shiva temple at Jamtara Jharkhand in India to incite communal violence


झारखंड के जामताड़ा जिले का शिव मंदिर में गाय काट के फेंक दिया गया है


జార్ఖండ్ లో బిజెపి ఓడిపోగానే, కొందరు మతం మారిన ద్రోహులు గోమాత ను చంపి ఆ మాంసాన్ని ఓ శివాలయంలో విసిరి పోయారు!!

Fact Check:

Couple of pictures and short videos doing rounds on social media allege to show pieces of Meat Thrown near a Shiv Temple in Jharkhand, India. Allegedly, the prohibited meat was thrown into the Shiva temple at Jamtara Jharkhand to incite communal violence. Some also suggested the incident is an aftermath of BJP losing elections in Jharkhand. The claims are facts with some missing information.

Meat Thrown Near Shiv Temple of Jharkhand

Yes, some miscreants have thrown pieces of prohibited meat inside the premises of Shiv temple following which devotees got angry and resorted to blocking road for hours. The Dukhiya Mahadev Shiv Temple is located in remote area near Barakar river ghat of Karamdaha village in Jharkhand, Bihar. It is on the border area of Dhanbad and Jamtara districts of Jharkhand. Taking advantage of it, some miscreants threw prohibited meat near the temple and ran away. Below is short video from the temple shared on Twitter. This was to provoke religious sentiments of Hindu devotees and perhaps create tensions between Hindus and Muslims.

Locals found the meat in the early morning of Sunday 29th December 2019. In protest of the incident, angry locals blocked the main road between Govindpur and Sahibganj for around four hours. It also lead to traffic jam on nearby highway. Senior police officers had to come to the spot and pacify the angry locals. After police gave them the confidence they will catch the culprits soon, locals turned to peace and cleared the road block.

History of Communal Tension

There’s a history of Hindu-Muslim tension in the Jharkhand area. In Jharkhand Legislative Assembly Elections of 2019, BJP lost in many places. While Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and Congress combined won 25 of the 28 seats, BJP managed to win just two. Therefore, some people mentioned the meat incident inside temple and blamed the citizens of Jharkhand for not voting for BJP.

On the other hand, Police termed the incident a handiwork of some mischievous elements and registered an FIR against unknown people. So, as of this writing, who threw the prohibited meat near Shiv temple in Jharkhand is not known. Jamtara MLA and Congress leader Dr Irfan Ansari criticized the incident strongly and also warned of stringent punishment to whoever did it. He said the new government will take strict actions on any such plots to disturb peace in Jamtara and create tensions among people. He also requested people from both communities to encourage brotherhood and maintain peace. OPIndia website also reported the incident.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with some missing information.


Restricted meat thrown near temple in Karamdaha

Pieces of meat thrown inside Shiva temple, road blocked for 6 hours

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