Picture of Newly Hatched Baby Dragon: Hoax

Picture of Newly Hatched Baby Dragon
Picture of Newly Hatched Baby Dragon


Newly Hatched Baby Dragon.

Other Versions

1. Puff the magic dragon.

2. A Cute Baby Dragon.

3. Real little Baby Dragon

4. News Flash…..
Dragons to be reintroduced to Wales after an absence of more than a 1000 years , local conservation groups say they are pleased by the move that will put a large preditor back in the food chain ….

There have been concern shown by the farming community due to the risk of predation to livestock but the Welsh assembly say they are willing to pay compesation to farmers who can prove loss, the other danger with the dragons eating habits of taking virgins is not thought to be a problem as they went extinct in Wales may years ago anyway……


A picture in circulation on Image sharing and other social networking websites claims to show the magic puff of a newly hatched baby Dragon. Some versions of the story also suggested that local conservation groups in Wales are pleased to reintroduce the predator Dragon back in the food chain after an absence of more than 1000 years. The stories and claims about the picture of baby Dragon are not facts.

The image purportedly showing a newly hatched baby dragon appeared on many image sharing websites and became popular from a Facebook post on 29 February 2016, which said Dragons are to be reintroduced to Wales. The photograph, however, does not show a real baby dragon, it is a Photoshop make that appeared on website Worth1000.com which has now moved to designcrowd.com. The cute picture of baby dragon was titled “Baby’s First Puff” and backed 2nd place in the photoshop contest. In the picture below, you can also see the source images used to create the photoshopped image of baby dragon. The Photoshop contest required users to create a dragon of their own making:

Dragons. Small and cuddly or big and nasty, Chinese or European, furry or scaly, slick or rough, feathered wings or bat wings, fire breathing or smoke snorting, reptile head or lion head, intelligent or instinctual, ancient or modern, living or robotic. Never has there been a fantasy creature so revered and yet so reviled.

Newly Hatched Baby Dragon Picture taken from Photoshop contest
Picture taken from Photoshop contest

The Facebook user mentioned above added a fabricated story to the picture to give it a viral lift. So the picture purporting to show a newly hatched baby dragon and the stories that dragons are being reintroduced to Wales are plain hoaxes. The dragon seen in the photoshopped image is not real.

Hoax or Fact:


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