Population Jihad – Muslim Doctor Sterilized 1000’s of Women: Fact Check

Image about Population Jihad - Muslim Doctor Sterilized 1000's of Women
Population Jihad - Muslim Doctor Sterilized 1000's of Women


Population Jihad: Muslim doctor in Sri Lanka forcibly sterilized thousands of Hindu and Buddhist women patients without their consent

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1. Muslim Doctor Arrested for Performing 4000 FORCED STERILIZATIONS on NON-MUSLIM Mothers

2. Dr. Mahmoud Shafi, a Sri Lankan doctor who slashed the uterus of nearly 4000 Hindu and Buddhist women during a cesarean operation to prevent them from having children. This is a new type of jihad… Medical Jihad???

3. (Telugu)
శ్రీలంకలో 8000 మంది బౌధ్ద/హిందూ మహిళలకు సిజేరియన్ ఆపరేషన్ చేసేటపుడు గర్భసంచి తొలగించిన జీహాదీ మహిళా డాక్టరు అరెస్టు..

Fact Check:

‘Alarming’ messages in circulation on social media mention about a Population Jihad in Sri Lanka, where a Muslim Doctor Sterilized Thousands of Non-Muslim Mothers. They claim the Muslim doctor sterilized thousands of Hindu and Buddhist women patients during their cesarean surgeries. So, let us examine the facts about the Gynecologist Dr. Seigu Siyabdeen Mohammed Safi attached to Kurunegala Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka.

Arrest and Allegations against Dr. Siyabdeen Mohammed Safi

On 24th May 2019, the 42-year-old male doctor Mohammed Safi was in fact arrested for accumulating assets through suspicious means. The arrest took place based on a tip-off that he had property worth Rs. 400 million. The police wanted to determine if he amassed the wealth through activities linked to extremism or terrorism. Around same time, Sri Lanka’s Divaina daily newspaper reported that the doctor is a leading member of National Thowheeth Jama’ath (NTJ) Terrorist organization and has sterilized 4000 Sinhala Buddhist mothers without their consent. Accordingly, some reports said the doctor did 8,000 Caesarean operations in his career over 13 years. Later on, there were some complaints from the Kurunegala hospital against the Muslim doctor.

Police said they received information Dr. Mohammed Safi has not performed sterilization operation on some Muslim women, which should be carried out after a third Cesarean. A nurse attached to the hospital complained in a letter to the hospital director that her womb was removed without her awareness following a cesarean surgery.

Administrative officer of the hospital suggested the doctor had attempted to hand over a newborn baby to a third party in an illegal manner, forging documents. After police requested people to come forward and complain of any such cases of illegal sterilization, hundreds of women turned up at the Kurunegala and Dambulla hospitals where Dr. Mohammed Safi worked. They mentioned complications in conceiving after being treated by Dr. Shafi during caesarean surgeries. Consequently, on 27th May an article on Satya Vijayi website – questioned – it as population jihad saying all the victims were either Hindus or Buddhists.

Investigations Whether the Muslim Doctor Sterilized Women

After the deadly Easter Bombings in April 2019, the alleged case of illegal sterilization at the Kurunegala Government hospital became serious issue. Consequently, Health Ministry and CID appointed a special investigation body to look into the allegations.

Notably, the doctor in question contested for a United National Party seat in 2015 for the Kurunegala district. Some outlets from Sri Lanka also mention the possibility of political, media and police involvement to promote hate and communal disharmony.

Reportedly, Sri Lanka Police will conduct a special inquiry into the report headlined in Sinhala daily Divaina which linked the Muslim doctor to NTJ saying he sterilized 4000 Sinhala Buddhist women. Health Minister Rajitha Senarathne also expressed doubts over the allegations saying a sterilization procedure cannot be performed without many other staffers witnessing the procedure.

Protests and Political Relations

Soon after appointing the investigating body, the Kurunegala hospital staff organized a silent protest requesting no interference into the investigations on the doctor. In order to save reputation of the hospital, they asked for proper investigation to solve the problem. They also requested the politicians not to interfere in this matter and that the allegations should be proven scientifically. Even the Secretary to the Health Ministry, Wasantha Perera mentioned political interruptions into the investigations. Below is a 29th May news report in the light of the allegations around the doctor from Kurunegala hospital.

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